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About Rockwell Restoration Llc

Rockwell Restoration can be trusted to protect your building’s exterior and preserve its original beauty. With many years in the masonry industry, our team of seasoned professionals have performed every type of masonry project. We continue to set the standard within the field and take great pride in providing the highest degree of workmanship. We are always refining our expertise and learning new methods to be more efficient in our work.

Whether the repairs are minor or extensive, Rockwell Restoration ensures uncompromising quality and professionalism in the restoration and preservation of industrial, commercial, historic, and contemporary buildings.

Rockwell Restoration works for you every step of the way providing unparalleled craftsmanship and superb customer service solidifying our reputation for excellence within the masonry industry.

Cynthia Rogers

Phone: (860) 747-2361

Cynthia Rogers is a Hartford masonry expert with many years of experience.