Rockwell Restoration Llc Masonry Restoration


Tuckpointing is the industry term for repairing mortar. Rockwell Restoration is known for our ability to match mortar color and joint profile. This has set us apart from other masonry restoration companies.


Caulking is a way to minimize the water damage done to masonry and is used to seal joints where stone and other materials meet. With complete knowledge of different varieties of caulking and their applications, Rockwell Restoration Llc will use the best product for the situation.

Brick & Stone Replacement

We remove and replace spalled, cracked, or chipped brick and stone to match original.

Structural Repair

Often as brick or stone buildings settle, cracks form on the exterior. Rockwell Restoration can replace or patch the damaged area to restore its original beauty.


We use specialized equipment to bring life back to stained or aging stonework. Different techniques are used depending on the age and type of stone to ensure a great result.

Interior Marble and Stone Restoration

Rockwell Restoration has extensive experience in restoring structural damage or cracks to interior marble, stone walls, and stone floors. We are able to match the color and blend the repairs to make them virtually undetectable.


Masonry Grout is used in the same way as mortar, to join stones, but is used on specific applications. You need a mason who is knowledgeable about both to ensure that the proper repairs are made.

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